AIFA – Presentation

A bit of history
Created in July 1981, in Quebec City, the AIFA, the only international association dedicated to the seniors of the international Francophonie, took off at the IV Meeting of Francophone countries. Animated by the same feeling, seniors from Quebec, Canada, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the United States supported the project of setting up an international non-governmental organization. It is one of the sixty-three organizations recognized as advisory members of the International Organization of La Francophonie.
From the outset, the founders of AIFA, adopted a firm and unequivocal position: “to create a movement to put at the service of society and for the benefit of the elders the living forces of the tens of thousands of them that the organizations at a staggering pace. ” 
AIFA’s action  
In order to achieve its objectives, the AIFA carries out a diversified action. 
• Participates with other organizations in various forums, studies and research on the situation of seniors. 
• Periodically organizes international gatherings where seniors can discuss issues that concern them.
• It works in developing countries by supporting different aid projects through the program: “Francophone Seniors Without Borders”. 
• It publishes various documents concerning seniors, and, in particular, a quarterly magazine: REPÈRE. 
• She designed and adopted the “Declaration of Quebec on Intergenerational Solidarity”. 
The organization of the AIFA
The AIFA has put in place a number of mechanisms to facilitate the achievement of its objectives and allow its members to take an active part. 
• The General Assembly meets every two years, usually on the occasion of an international activity. It takes stock of its action and identifies the directions it intends to pursue.
• The Board of Directors, representative of the various regions of La Francophonie, elected by the members in general assembly ensures the achievement of the objectives determined by the general assembly. It entrusts the day-to-day management of Aifa’s affairs to an executive committee that meets regularly at the headquarters of the IAAF International Secretariat in Quebec City. 
• To date, seven national chapters represent IAAF in different countries or regions, and several more are in the process of “official recognition”.