To Take Control

To Take Control
To Take Control

“The Quebec government can not walk outside and can not eat healthy in the place of seniors, it is also up to seniors to take charge and help themselves to develop a good quality of life. “.

The minister responsible for seniors, Marguerite Blais, agreed yesterday at the Liberal Party’s regional brunch to an 82-year-old man who pointed out the inaction of some of her accomplices who never put their face outside. According to him, many older people are responsible for their isolation and poor living conditions. “It will take more than a policy to improve the quality of life of seniors,” said the activist to the minister who agreed.

The former television host and Member of Parliament for Saint-Henri / Sainte-Anne has just completed a consultation tour on the quality of life of seniors across the province. The consultation involved the participation of 4000 people and the presentation of 267 briefs. Seniors were heard throughout Quebec and expressed their sense of rejection that they live with society.

“Elderly people told us that they did not feel respected enough, they were not recognized, our elders tell us to be invisible,” said Marguerite Blais to the applause of the Liberal activists who had gathered at the Montagnais Hotel in Chicoutimi. “The media hate wrinkles,” said the minister responsible for seniors that wrinkles represent the furrows of a society.

The minister intends to produce an accessible report for seniors and sufficiently document for scientists and managers who will have to develop solutions for the future.

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